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    Roxana sighed as she walked through the streets of PonyVille seeing ponies she recognized from living there for a couple months, most had surprised looks seeing her out 'cause she's usually cooped up in her house rarely ever leaving. The reason that she was out this day was that she was out of food. Simple. She just ran out of food and needs more, that's while she's walking around looking at all the booths. Roxana walked up to a booth that was selling popsicles, she smirked a little while pulling some bits out and setting them down while pointing to a red one. "Hey ya go, Miss DJ Ghost." The man who was running it said while taking the bits and giving it to her while calling her by her most known nickname, she took it while muttering a small thanks and walking away starting to enjoy her popsicle. As she continues walking eating her popsicle and occasionally stopping at a booth to buy food all of a sudden she was tackled down (somehow) by something a lot smaller then her. She looked down startled until she way a mop of black hair, she sighed knowing who just tackled her now. "Yes Z? What is it" Roxana asked pushing the shorter pony off and standing to her full height which actually casted a shadow across the pony dubbed Z. "how's ya been? You haven't been out of your house for a while not counting the times you D.J-ed." Z said sending the taller pony a smile flashing her very sharp canine teeth. "Well you know me Z. I don't really like other ponies." Roxana said looking to the side watching someponies buy things, talk to their friends, rushing to go somewhere and other things. Z giggled and shook her head, "Aaaaaany ways, got any new tunes?" she asked tapping the headphones that were around Roxana's neck and never seemed to leave. Roxana shrugged "Not really I need some inspiration." She said blowing a piece of her purple hair out of her face looking back at Z seeing that she had a HUGE smirk on her face. "Then why don't we go to the forest! I'm sure you'll get some inspiration there!" Z exclaimed, before Roxana could protest the smaller pony was already dragging her towards the forest 'whooping' with joy. After a while of being dragged Roxana gave up and let a little smile slip watching her best friend's eyes sparkle at being able to hang out again, especially in the forest. They finally made it to the entrance of the forest the sun was about in the middle of the sky, "Tag! Your it!" Z shouted lightly punching Roxana on her chest and ripping away wile laughing like a maniac. Roxana chuckled and began to chase after her, running, running, running, and running. It seemed like she's been running forever but she hadn't seen or heard a sigh of her best friend, it just seems like time stopped cause the sun hasn't even moved or something like that. Roxana was about to turn back and search the way she came when she heard a giggle, a very familiar giggle. Again the giggling came and on the opposite side from it crunching of leaves could be heard circling her, surrounding her. She shook her head muttering, "No, No please just go away!" but they either didn't hear or just didn't care cause they kept getting closer and closer until finally she could see the familiar figures of the voodoo twins. Sown Blitz, the one with a purple top and orange bottom, light purple hair with a few black wisps, and only two stitches on the corner of her mouth which held a sinister smirk. Then Needle Heart who had a orange top and purple bottom, black hair with a few purple wisps, and had it's whole mouth sown shut but it was giggling like a filly school girl. Needle Heart kept jittering around and looking back a couple times but other then that was looking straight into Roxana's eyes almost like a trance while Sown Blitz was just staring at her with the same smirk plastered on her face not taking her eyes off of Roxana. "What do you two want?" Roxana spat glaring at the two which cause Needle Heart to bursts into another giggling fit and Sown Blits's smirk to grow wider. "W-we just wanna p-play~" Needle Heart stuttered her sown mouth twisting into a smile and giggling EVEN MORE! "Yea we just wanna play with your pathetic little heart." Sown Blitz whispered suddenly being behind Roxana spooking her, Roxana gasped spinning around and backing away. "I-I'm-"

    "Not pathetic? If I can know what your gonna say then yeah you are 'cause you say it everytime, Psycho." Sown Blitz said slowly stalking towards Roxana who backed away even more. "Hehehe~ Psycho! Psycho! The girl's gone mad~" Needle Heart said repeating the things ponies has said at her old home bringing up memories of her parents abandoning her, the orphanage kids bullying her, running away. She shook her head trying to get rid of these memories not noticing the tears building up in her eyes. She squeezed her eyes shut trying to block out the insults Sown Blitz was saying the repeated past Needle Heart was chanting. "STOP JUST STOP IT, PLEASE!" She shouted stomping her hooves on the ground in rage of what the twin where doing to her mind.

"Um... Roxy? You ok?" 

    Roxana gasped looking up seeing Z standing there looking at her with worry and confusion in her glowing green eyes. "Z?" Roxana asked not believing that it's actually her for all she knows is that it's Weal playing a cruel prank on her. "It's me Roxy, it is ok. So just calm down." Z said slowly approaching her like one would to a scared animal and slowly resting a hoof onto Roxana's shoulder comfortingly. Roxana nodded calming down slightly, "y-yeah um... hi." She awkwardly said taking some deep breaths. "Heh hi to you to DJ Ghost." Z said trying to lighten the mood which worked and Roxana sure was glad about that. "How 'bout we head back, you look like you need a rest." Z suggested standing back up pulling Roxana along with her who nodded. "Yeah let's uh you go on ahead I just need a minute ok?" She said sending Z a nervous/awkward smile, Z nodded when started walking towards the path that lead back to PonyVille. As soon as Z was out of sight Roxana let out a huge sigh and rested against a tree looking to the sky seeing that the sun now was beginning to set. As she stood up to walk back she head crunching of leaves she froze thinking it could be the twins again but was surprised when she heard a whimper of an animal. She walked to where she heard the noise and pushed a bush away somewhat to see a tiny wolf that seemed to be made out of wood shaking and whimpering with scratch marks and some broken wood on his body. She bent down to get a closer look and they guy and also to appear less intimidating to him or her. As she scooted closer the wolf watched her with weary eyes, "You ok little guy?"


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